Friday, July 10, 2009

IELTS Writing Tips

IELTS is one of the first step for a nurse to pass as one of the requirements of most of the countries. Certain band scores are needed as strictly listed by nursing bodies or states for instance in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

For most people, writing seem to be the most difficult section of IELTS to attain a higher band score of 7 and above. I am also struggling how to achieve that score. I have been researching online about writing tips and found one of the few best sites for accurate tips and practice exams especially in writing task.

Overall, the following list of websites helped me tremendously in understanding the exam. Hope it will help you too.


1) Scott's English Success
Pros: Best site to study especially for listening and reading. It gives a detailed overview of the whole exam. There is no need to buy the IELTS package. Moreover, Mr. Scott has an Australian accent. Highly recommended.
Cons: Not that helpful in speaking and writing sections. It costs $49 for one month subscription.

2) Exams and Study - British Council
Pros: Many exercises and study materials on 4 sections of the exam and it is totally free!

3) Dominic Cole's IELTS blog
Pros: It has very helpful tips in writing and in other sections of the exam. Also, it has useful links as well.

It has detailed information on how to write argument and opinion essays using a step by step approach. It is one of my favorites.

5) TEFLtastic
Several tips and strategies in writing in both task 1 and task 2.

6) A Teacher's Oddysey
Pros: It will do a makeover of your essay and give feedback using the 4 point critique or grading in writing. I have not tried sending my own essay so I do not know how fast they can grade it. Miracel Juanto will do the entire makeover for free.

Note: For
writing, it is very important that someone will do the checking of your essay. Because most grammar mistakes may seem right in your perspective but it is entirely the opposite. This is also true for speaking. Practice your conversational English to someone who is good in speaking or to a native English speaker.