Sunday, September 28, 2008

Basic Life Support Courses

I have been searching for quite some time on different training centers that offer BLS/ACLS or any of the life support trainings or courses in the Philippines.

There are two centers that I know of offer several life support trainings in Manila: Philippine National Red Cross and Philippine Heart Center.

The Philippine National Red Cross has several chapters that caters all over Philippines. After the said training, you can be a volunteer under them. The training is usually a week long that starts from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm except on Saturday (half day).

The Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City offers Basic Life Support trainings through Critical Care Nuses Association of the Philippines, Inc. (CCNAPI). For more details, visit

Take note that those trainings offered in the Philippines are not credited when you go abroad. Most of the hospitals outside the coutnry require trainings that are accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA). So if you are heading to the US, it is a waste of money and time doing the training in PI when all hospitals in the US will offer the said trainings for free. The same goes for the Middle East countries, you will undergo training again with or without charge. But if you plan to work in the Philippines and stay for a while, the said trainings are deemed necessary as various hospitals have listed them as one of the requirements.

There is one center, however, as I have been browsing online that claimed their trainings are accredited by AHA. It is the Emergent Medical Training Center for Asia, an authorized provider of the American Heart Association courses in BLS, ACLS and PALS in the Philippines.

I have never heard any feedback about this center. Take a look at their courses fees, very dear! Basing on the fees, people will expect that the trainings are at par with the US and the certificates that will be received can be used elsewhere. I will also expect that after all the trainings, I am highly skilled in performing life suport to people. For those of you who have undergone in this center, please share your experience.