Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Say "NO!" to LPN programs in Philippines

PNA vs institutionalizing practical nursing program

By Katherine Evangelista INQUIRER.net First Posted 20:14:00 06/18/2008 MANILA, Philippines —

The Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) on Wednesday declared its opposition to the proposal of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) to “ladderize” the nursing curriculum to institutionalize the practical nursing course Wednesday.

Read the full story: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/new…ursing-program

If I could scream on my top of the lungs, saying no to LPN programs, I would, over and over until all Filipinos will realize. Here's why:

LPN Programs in the Philippines does not work like in the US. If you have completed your LPN education here then you are probably one of the victims of scam and false advertisement of LPN programs in PI. The people behind these LPN schools or programs will guarantee that you can work in the US or abroad after completion of the said program. They will entice you to enroll to their 6 to 12 months program or more at the same time gaining enough pesos in their pockets while you are hoping for your American dream. Fact is, there is no legal visa as a LPN in the US unless you are a green card holder or a US citizen. It’s a good thing that the PNA is opposing the CHEd to ladderize the said program. Moreover, there are not enough jobs for LPNs. It is not even recognize by the PRC; there is no local license to give out. Thus, ending up as nursing aide or nursing assistant.

Do not solely rely in our government, they are entirely aware of what is happening in the nursing profession although acting deaf and blind. They just let things happen for their own sake and not for the good of their countrymen. Let us not be fooled. If you know someone currently enrolled in these programs, let them read the news. Please spread the word.

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